ACL™ for webOS Now Available!

Hi webOS lovers!

The time is here! OpenMobile ACL for webOS software is available for purchase! ACL enables Android apps on your webOS HP TouchPad – Buy now revive your TouchPad and have instant access to thousands of Android apps! To learn more about ACL for webOS click here.

ACL for webOS is available on ACL for webOS Dashboard and/or the ACL Documentation App – install it on your TouchPad to get started. You will need to purchase a license key from the Phoenix Store. For more information such as how to purchase ACL for webOS, the installation guide, where to get your apps after installation, etc., click here.

ACL for webOS is $29.99, use the promo code ACL5B during check out for $5 off your license. Don’t forget to look for the additional special offer (hint: look below the product image on the page)!

Note to pre-order customers: Check your inbox for an email containing your license key!

Phoenix International Communications Announces the opening of its Online Store

Wilmington, DE – Phoenix International Communications (PIC) is excited to announce the launch of its online store, the Phoenix Store.

Starting today, you can preorder ACL™ for the webOS HP Touchpad that will be available by 30th September 2013. We also have some PIC branded gadgets you can buy to show your support!

A heartfelt thanks to the worldwide webOS Community, without whose commitment and support we would not have been able to get this far.

Phoenix Trivia Quiz Launched!

We know you are all excited from the upcoming OpenMobile ACL for webOS and to thank you for the support given to us, we have decided to organize a fun trivia game. The subject? webOS of course!

Answer correctly will give you the chance to win a free license of OpenMobile ACL for webOS(plus other surprises for the hardcore players)!

Starting Monday, September 9th we will release each day a trivia quiz image on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, where you will have to comment/tweet the correct answer!

An important thing to remember: when you comment or tweet the answer, be sure to like and share/retweet/+1 the original trivia question image! If you don’t, you will not qualify for the running of that day’s point! Each day, a random winner from each social network will be awarded one point and you need five points to win! The random winner will be chosen from the qualified participants who answered the trivia question correctly and shared the trivia question image on the social network. Participants can answer the trivia question on all three social networks to raise their chances, but an individual participant can win a maximum of one point per day.

Phoenix Trivia Quiz complete rules and how to participate are available here.

Look out for the first trivia question that will be released on Monday, September 9th! Keep your eyes open and be ready to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

Are you ready?? Let’s trivia!

Phoenix International Communications Announces Collaboration with OpenMobile World Wide on ACL™ for HP Touchpad Project

Wilmington, DEPhoenix International Communications (PIC) is excited to announce the launch of a collaborative effort with OpenMobile World Wide aimed at greatly expanding the number of apps available to users of the HP Touchpad tablet.

ACL™ (Application Compatibility Layer™) is a groundbreaking technology which allows Android apps to run on non-Android operating systems with near-native levels of compatibility and performance. The ACL for HP Touchpad project will allow Android apps to appear side by side with native webOS apps and run in cards, allowing HP Touchpad users to run these apps inside the webOS environment. The ACL for HP Touchpad is currently under active development and is scheduled to be officially released for consumers to purchase and download in time for TouchPad consumers to enjoy this summer.

PIC has already made a significant investment into the ACL for HP Touchpad project, and is intending to supplement this with a crowd-funding campaign to raise the amount needed to complete the project. The campaign is currently running on Kickstarter at the following link:

OpenMobile is very excited to be working with PIC on enabling the robust Android App ecosystem to run on the webOS Touchpad,” said Kevin Menice, SVP and GM Embedded and Core Technologies at OpenMobile. “webOS has a tremendously loyal following, and we take great pleasure in completing the ACL port to webOS, enabling consumers to have the benefit of hundreds of thousands of Apps for their Touchpad tablet. Our partnership with Phoenix enables us to deliver on the vision we have had for the loyal webOS community, and we are pleased to complete this strategic development effort.”

Phoenix Development Manager Marc Edwards: “This really is something that is long overdue, and we’re glad to be able to do this for the webOS user community. The software is currently in the alpha stage with a build that is already working on actual Touchpad devices, and with support from the community we’ll be able to take it through beta and official release.”

Adds Marketing Manager Daniel Giovannetti: “The decision to use crowd funding was driven in part by the amazing reach of Kickstarter. It’s a very efficient way to both get the word out to thousands of potential contributors and streamline the collection of funds as well.”

About PIC

Phoenix International Communications is in the business of further developing, enhancing, and maintaining the webOS operating system and ecosystem in order to promote the continued use and increased adoption of the webOS platform as a solution for both consumer and business users. For more information, please contact Daniel Giovannetti at or please visit

About OpenMobile World Wide

Today’s consumer device market has become a completely Apps driven market. Founded in 2010, OpenMobile’s goal is to have all the devices in this space have access to all of the Apps. This is a seminal idea and has the power to change the trajectory of the global mobile marketplace, essentially leveling the playing field. The creation of the proprietary Application Compatibility Layer (ACL)™ by OpenMobile will allow hundreds of thousands of Android Apps to run seamlessly on other OS/device platforms. OpenMobile is headquartered in Framingham, MA, and has operations in India and Finland. For more information please contact Leila Dillon at | 617.431.1708 or please visit

PIC welcomes LG to the webOS world

We are excited to see that LG has seen the value and potential of webOS, and we remain committed to developing webOS technology and devices.

We have already started dialogue with LG, and although they have only committed to TV’s at this point, we are encouraged by their enthusiasm for webOS.

As always our main priority is to speed the return of mobile webOS devices to the market, and are looking forward to seeing where we can work together with them and other partners to make that happen.

Phoenix International Communications joins Open Innovation Network (OIN)

Open webOS is the gem we are building a setting for, and its protection is our highest concern.

For this reason, we are happy to announce that PIC has joined Open Invention Network as a licensee. OIN is an organization which helps protect the Linux ecosystem by building a variety of defenses against patent attacks. These defenses include both traditional mechanisms, like defensive patent pools, and more innovative approaches, like the Linux Defenders project, which uses a variety of methods to proactively prevent the publication of particularly egregarious patents. As a licensee, we will have access to OIN resources in case we are threatened by operating entities with patents, and over time we will likely become more involved in providing our own ideas and resources to OIN projects.

Mobile Linux creates great opportunity for innovators given market trends in mobile devices, but also because mobile Linux acts to further stimulate an open source approach as a modality for innovation,” said Keith Bergelt, CEO of Open Invention Network. “As a company that is promoting a Linux-based mobile technology, we are pleased that PIC sees the value of OIN’s license and its defensive publication efforts via the Linux Defenders program.”

Patents owned by Open Invention Network are available royalty-free to any company, institution or individual that agrees not to assert its patents against the Linux System. By joining, PIC receives cross-licenses from other OIN licensees, but more importantly, for the long term, it affords us a chance to work with OIN in reducing IP threats to open source development and innovation. This may include a defensive publications program that would make it harder for others to patent work created by Phoenix contributors, sharing defensive tactics, and cooperation to minimize patent threats.

We would also like to congratulate OIN on their announcement that the licensee community has broken 500 contributors.

About Open Invention Network Open Invention Network is a collaborative enterprise that enables innovation in open source and an increasingly vibrant ecosystem around Linux. It does this by acquiring and licensing patents, influencing behaviors and policy and protecting the integrity of the ecosystem through strategic programs such as Linux Defenders. OIN enables the growth and continuation of open source software by fostering a healthy Linux ecosystem of investors, vendors, developers and users. Open Invention Network has considerable industry backing. It was launched in 2005 by IBM, NEC, Novell, Philips, Red Hat and Sony. For more information, visit